Normally, when parents love children and children love parents, the process of divorce inevitably becomes a stress for both adults and children. In such situation, the parents need a family attorney in Virginia to deal with the chaotic situation with lesser pain. How everyone will survive stress, depends on the relationship between the parents, their emotional maturity and psychological stability, their ability to share the roles of “spouse” and “parent”, from willingness to cooperate after the divorce.

Ends marital relations between a man and a woman, but they are still parents. And now they have a new task: to remain good parents and create new relationships between themselves. Wines, mutual resentments, anger, pain and even mourning are those heavy feelings and conditions that often accompany a divorce. The consequences of divorce for children can be of varying degrees of intensity, but in any case the child needs support to adapt to the new conditions while parents need a family attorney in Virginia to figure out the best possible solution.


The children of divorced parents have considerably more difficulties in self-realization and adaptation. They have more problems with their health and three times more likely to have psychological problems. According to research, the impact of parents’ divorce on children is great. 25% of children from divorced families have social, emotional and psychological problems, compared with 10% of children from complete families. But this does not mean that parents need to preserve the facade of the family only because there are such risks. Rather, they need a family attorney in Virginia to determine the best way. By the way, if there are two or more children in the family, it is easier for them to survive the divorce.

Many children feel guilty about seeing their parents getting divorced. They have magical thinking, they may feel that some of their thoughts or actions have affected the decision of their parents. Sometimes parents need psychological consultancy besides they need a family attorney in Virginia. In family conflicts, children often act as mediators, trying to reconcile mum and dad. They literally take responsibility for the relationships of adults. If parents often quarreled because of different views on upbringing, then the probability of feelings of guilt for a child increases.

Sometimes after the divorce of parents, a small person has to grow up faster. There is a redistribution of responsibilities in the family, the financial situation is changing. Older children take care of the younger ones. It also happens that the children, as it were, change roles with their parents and begin to care about whom the divorce wounded most. If the financial situation of the family after the dissolution of marriage has become unstable, this also affects children. For equitable property distributing, parents need a family attorney in Virginia. Children may feel guilty for their own needs or may be angry if mom or dad does not allow more of that standard of living that was before.