Driving is an action that requires constant attention to the road and its environment to have control of the situation and be able to anticipate any change, detecting it in advance to evaluate it and take the immediate decision and action necessary to tackle the situation safely in the transit system. Reckless driving in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a class 1 misdemeanor that carries a maximum punishment as follows:

  • $2500 fine
  • Six (6) DMV points
  • Driver’s license suspension for six months
  • Jail time for twelve months

If you are accused of reckless driving charges, the first thing you must do is to seek aggressive reckless driving VA defense in order to protect your rights and mitigate the penalty as much as possible.

Beyond the violation of traffic laws, in particular, the reckless driving can prove to be distractions for other auto drivers, resulting in auto accidents. Here are some recommendations that a driver must consider to avoid the need for reckless driving VA defense, ensure the driver’s peace of mind, and help with road safety on the driver’s side:

  1. Use the seatbelt. If you are sitting in the front seat or the back seat, you should always use the belt.
  2. Do not distract the driver directly – whether it’s touching him, talking to him about banalities, starting a conversation that could turn into an argument, listening to music that is too loud, or pointing out the things that can get your attention on the road.
  3. If you see something really important and that, for the safety of all, the driver needs to know, do not hesitate to mention it.
  4. Do not tell the driver which is the best route or the best way to drive the vehicle. Besides being irritating, it turns out to be a strong distraction. And if something goes wrong, the driver may be forced to seek reckless driving VA defense to protect his/her driving privileges and avoid other punishments.
  5. Do not push the driver to take risky actions, such as starting a race with another car or encouraging (or challenging) him to drive too fast. On the contrary, as passengers, it is our duty to be the voice that calls for prudence within the vehicle.

Taking into account the above stated vital consideration, assess and evaluate your driving behavior. A correct and comfortable posture ensures a better and effective reaction against any unforeseen event or possible accident. If we adopt a poor posture and do not provide the necessary comfort to our body while driving, our muscles and joints suffer unnecessarily, and the arms and legs will not respond adequately when required. Consequently, always adopt a relaxed and comfortable posture when driving your vehicle. Being careless and risky may force you to seek reckless driving VA defense lawyer who can help you mitigate your punishment. Being reckless can not only result in a reckless driving charge but also endanger the lives of oneself and others, resulting in a significantly serious criminal case. That is why our elders have always been recommending us to be proactive to prevent harmful consequences.