Driving Without Insurance in Hanover, Virginia

Having appropriate auto insurance confirms your freedom behind the wheel. From mishaps and damages to hit and runs and robbery, it is significant to keep your car covered so you’re prepared when mishaps do happen. Driving without insurance is illegal in Hanover, Virginia. You could face consequences like fines, loss of your driving license and car registration, and even jail time, liable on the state you are living. In case your cause a mishap without insurance, you’ll have to reimburse for all the damage to your vehicle out of your pocket. You could also be charged by other individuals for damage and injuries you caused them.

Driving without insurance will not only negatively affect your finances, but others’ finances as well. Expenditures related to car accidents that aren’t protected by insurance companies increase rates on everybody to make up for your risk. If you are caught driving without insurance, you will be punished in several ways liable on the sternness of the initial incident.

An accident can be disturbing no matter how severe or whether you or anyone else, are hurt. If you are involved in an accident in Hanover, you must stopover, pull off of the highway and instantly report the mishap to police. When the police reach, you will be required to show them your driving license, vehicle registration card and insurance proof. The first offense for driving without insurance or insurance proof can yield substantial fines, repeated crimes can intensely worsen the severity of the sentences. Besides legal punishments, if you’re in a car accident without carrying insurance, you’re accountable to be charged by the other driver for the damage to their car and any medical bills they suffer from the accident.

License Suspension

In case you are caught driving without insurance in Hanover Virginia, your license can be suspended till you are capable to provide insurance proof, and you will need to pay for reinstatement. After a few suspensions, you could have your driving license permanently cancelled.

Vehicle Impounding

In case the law enforcement catch you driving without insurance, they could stop you from driving by having your car towed. You don’t even need to be in a car crash first, if you’re pulled over for failing to use signal, or over speeding you could find yourself with a towed and held vehicle. You won’t be able to get your car out of the impound lot till you provide insurance proof.

Paying Damage from Your Pocket

In case you have been held in a car crash and you are driving without insurance, it is possible that you that will be responsible for damages occurred to the other personal whether its car repair or medical expenses. In case you refuse or are unable to pay, the other drive can sue you.

In some of the states, the law enforcement agencies aren’t waiting for individuals driving without insurance to get pulled over, but they are out looking for them. For example in Arizona, the police run casual tests to see if registered cars are covered.