Driving recklessly could significantly increase the risk of an auto accident. It has become so common that we often fail to pay attention to it, and yet the fatal consequences of reckless driving are still latent on a daily basis, resulting in heavy reckless driving in VA penalty. How risky is it to drive angrily? Well, recent studies give us a really alarming answer.

According to Virginia Code 46.2-862. Exceeding Speed Limit, “An individual shall be guilty of the reckless driving offense who drives an auto vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth of Virginia (i) at a speed of 20 mph or more than the applicable highest speed limit or (ii) more than 80 mph irrespective of the applicable highest speed limit.” A recent study that suggests that driving recklessly, coupled with distracting factors, exponentially increases the chances that the driver suffers an accident.

Taking into account the above-stated explanation of reckless driving, if you are driving at the speed of 71 mph at the highway where the maximum applicable speed limit is 50 mph, then you would likely to face reckless driving in VA penalty.  According to Virginia traffic laws, reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor that carries the maximum penalty of TWELVE months in prison, $2,500 fine, 6 DMV points, and a Six-month suspension of one’s driving privileges.

Besides driving recklessly, driving angrily is basically a significantly terrific human behavior and can result in an auto accident. Therefore, when we refer to aggressive driving, we are referring to an aggressive behavior that the driver manifests when driving a vehicle. Consequently, when reckless driving coupled with aggressive manner results in a collision, it defendant would be required to face far more penalty than reckless driving in VA penalty.

How and why does reckless behavior occur? Well, to solve this question we should go a little inside the psychology of the driver. Although some specialists point out that aggressive behaviors during the driving of a vehicle are easily evident. And above all, in people who are prone to trigger episodes of anger in any other area of ​​their personal life, then other professionals are inclined to emphasize the existence of a deficit in people in general in knowing how to cope with stressful situations in their daily lives (Home, work, personal relationships). Stress that finds a way to escape while driving a vehicle could result in reckless driving in VA penalty.

What most specialists agree on is that there are techniques and practices that can help drivers cope with stress and control recklessness in front of the steering wheel. Searching for objects inside the vehicle while driving is also a reckless behavior.  However, some drivers usually have the habit of doing multi-tasking, trying to hold or look for objects (whatever they might be) near the driver’s cab or, worse, in the back seat while the car is in motion. Losing concentration and distracting the senses of the highway is an invitation to disaster. When you drive your vehicle, never get distracted or be reckless; otherwise, get ready to bear a severe reckless driving in VA penalty! Nothing is as important as your safety. And if you need to take any object, this can wait for you to reach your destination.